Friday, January 23, 2009

Elizabeth and Nathan's Wedding

Here are a few pictures from the wedding! I don't have very many but I am working on getting more! The wedding was gorgeous and I had alot of fun and made many memories!

Here I come down the 52 stairs!I had to do the first part by myself but then Kyle helped me the rest of the way.. THANKYOU!! ..and no I did not fall until AFTER the wedding after coming down the inside stairs! But at least is was not IN the wedding!

Here is the happy bride and groom! I will probably post more pictures later on!


  1. Please do post more.... The wedding looks beautiful!!! Headed to Mary Davis' wedding in a little bit. Sarah is the photographer so the first of the week she should have some of her pictures on her blog. I will take a few for my blog,too, but they won't be as good as Sarah's :O.

  2. OH MY WORD WHAT A GORGEOUS WEDDING!!!!! That looks absolutely amazing! I'm sure you were just kdding when you said you had a lot of fun right? NOT! :) Benji